By Stephen
Date: 2002 Jul 25
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Red Moon Blue

Red moon Blue, dontcha cry?
Within that you, all hopes are nigh

On your auburn tears, we follow skies
Misleader that feeds the sad lines
Behind neon parcels, the henna eyes

They stare wan, like chestnut your face
Shooter of roads and criss-cross chase
Martians bellow on, plenty a'flirting paste

Never her you see, fates be undone
Red and beam, as blind is she the sun
Playing with you, proposed with tongue

"You're on the other side of the sky
I can never see long into your eyes
My love the sun, you are it and why

Seasons, reasons, you are farther apart
Like magic eye, pictures pop from the heart
I'm red man blue dying dove and tart"

Red moon Blue, please don't cry
Within that you, still are we nigh
The joke reigns on, taking him inside

Red moon Blue, Red moon Blue
Why hide, why hide?
Why fly opposed skies?