By Stephen
Date: 2002 Aug 06
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This page of white, I see your black. This page of white you discount words as barren stencils trace bold font. 
This lack of black plays words in the mind; the words that are not awake. They scream up withdrawn grays, nor red, 
nor green, nor purple, nor blue or anything but white, and tiny scrapes of black trying to squeeze in. This page is 
white and I am black. This page is white and I am not white. This page makes me stand out. This page makes my words 
null. This page is white while I see your black. This page hurts my eyes, hurts my being, hurts my soul. This page is 
milk, and I'm drowning ants. This page is swan and I am beetle. This page is pearl and I am volcanic. This page is cloud 
and I am night. This page is white while it covers my back. But black as black the white flows in. O color of darkness, 
O color of contradiction, O color of no color at all. This age is white and my thoughts are black. This craze is white and
I'm lagged in black. This urge is white but my seeding is black. My culture is now white but my heritage is bone black. 
This page is deep as a river and black as a stir. This page is cream and I am chocolate. This vanilla is dominate and I am 
bitter. This gauge is breaking and my void is taking. This page is white and I only see the black. Why white whims wars 
when white wants weak peace? Where wan ways will warrior-walling power. Wailing wheels winking walrus profiles. Because 
being black buys buoyancy privilege? Bullshit borrows bonfire banes by billing bastards blissing boulevard projects. This 
page of white, I see your black. And pages of tree, I see your sap. This page of crystal I see your pitch. This page of 
water, I see your trap. This page of white still lacking enough black, I see your pain and see your grudge against the lack. 
Pages upon pages upon pages upon pages upon pages of white, they are nothing, and you are something beguiled my friend; 
something treasured when thorough bred, and criticized with taunt. The pages of white they take no crap, but flavor of text 
you take all the black. You take it all back---This page is part black and that which I wanted to see is here, my black words, 
my black mind, my black vibe, I tell you here: live in white and bask and permanent, for bathing in black is white's anti-parliament. 
So kiss dark skin with white pale lips, this page is white and white is full of it. 

                                                This page of white, I see your black.