By Stephen
Date: 2002 Aug 19
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Days are comfortable uneasily when...

Deep thinking spans little resemblance
To long blond hair in my eyes
Sogged wet and dark as I cry
And time is aching for such burden
But I wont let exigency lead
Curling quietly in murmurous ball
Spewing saliva mixed with salt
Tensing muscles of regulated flesh
Back and forth and transfer torch
Mind to body
  Soul to heart
I need not taste this reminder on my lips
She kneels down in her own pain
I need not dizzy with throw-up and wisp
Only of  handfuls' hurting I am
Keeping myself busy and tailored from
The world round I hide witness to
And pull together my daily life
Cold masked and dripping fear
Among sanitary faces
They cover with shade
  Their real lives fall away
Paltry is their pain down
Plotted as their placid wake
Please find and free my pull
And let the fuckers fake
For once for my emotional sake
There is nothing else more I need right now
But to let myself go