By Ali
Date: 2002 Sep 02
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Grace My Mind

I wake with the dawn on my cheek,
Nothing but silence around me,
And sleep slowly falls,
Lose the chains from my limbs,
And I breathe a new breath,
Broken off from a cornor of the morning--
Shall the whole world wake,
Or is it only me?
I reside within my quiet thoughts,
Putting distance between yesterday
And myself,
Attempting to vastly leave behind
Such things that can't be counted,
A blessing that walks the world,
In disguise,
In deception,
In dire need of recognition--
I know not where the lost things went.
With frail hands to match frail faces,
The ghosts of what was grace my mind,
And through the hazy mist
Of dreams cobweb touch,
I smile at the memories,
And in doing so learn the lesson,
That not all distant pain
Is self-destructive--
I have awoken,
I have arrived, at this,
The next stage,
The next setting,
The next new way of life,
And miraculously,
I still believe in love.