By Galadrial
Date: 2002 Sep 04
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the elder blossom's request

She is a an old school blossom,
and well remembers the time,
when a man announced his intentions
with a two step, and rhyme.
It doesn't really matter
that the choices she made,
left little time for dancing,
or games of charades.
every so often she catches a song,
that hums to her spirit,
and sails her along,
to wishes and hoping
and arms that are strong,
and gifts her with legs
that could dance all night long.
And those are the times
when she makes her request,
not fortune or riches,
or some lofty crest---
No, she is left longing
for a night flung with stars,
and glimmering planets
like Saturn or Mars,
and under that cloaking
of velveteen sky,
she longs to be dancing
with a gentleman shy,
who knows how to dip,
and tango and waltz,
and can kiss a fair wrist
all that sweet lovely shmaltz,
so if you are hearing
a nightengale call
perhaps you're just hearing
her heart, after all....