By Me aka Niki
Date: 2002 Sep 13
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My riddle is solved

I got a phone call
last week from
a friend,...the topic fell on you
And all of a sudden
Silence on the other end
I stopped breathing for 2 seconds, My hands turned cold, my stomach into knots, My gut was screaming

Finally  after almost a year
I know the truth
I know why you left
I understand why you said that you "couldn't" be serious, even though you "tried"
My riddle is solved, I've pieced all the pieces of this puzzle together

3 A.M. outside my house on the street
You screamed "I was serious, I didn't cheat, I did care,I tried but I just can't"
Something didn't feel right, Al those sleepless nights trying to solve a riddle
And I didn't even know what the riddle was about

I found out what the riddle was about and I've solved it
I've pieced all the pieces to this puzzle together
I finally understand, everything makes sense
I GET it
You were always good at fooling me anyway,...