By Stephen
Date: 2002 Sep 23
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One breath suicide

You woke me up with your hideous ring 
and before I heard your hello
I indulged into my rapturous speal
through a horrible phone
as what I really wanted to say...

"calling is weak in
 wee hours of night
 guts are burning sin
 and i don't think 
 that i got the stomach to
 stomach swallowing you
 at this time
 at this intersection
 over the phone
 for next week
 or next fling
 i don't know
 so stay tuned
 and hang on
 while i fake
 and so longs
 this is bitter end
 i'm sure
 call me back
 call me names
 call me anything
 but vain
 and don't come calling
 if you come talling
 is meant so appalling
 to help finish the job
 of losing and forgetting
 what gorgeous lovers
 we used to be"

But I stayed quiet anyway