By Socrates (Plato)
Submitted by Stephen
Date: 2002 Oct 30
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---Which is the truth

"This confounded Socrates", they say;
"this villainous misleader of youth!" --and then if somebody asks them,
"Why, what evil does he practice or teach?"
They do not know, and cannot tell;
but in order that they may not appear to be at loss,
they repeat the readily-made charges
which are used against all philosophers about
teaching things up in the clouds and under the earth,
and having no gods,
and making the worse appear a better cause;
for they do not like to confess that their pretence of knowledge has been detected
--which is the truth; and as they are numerous and ambitious and energetic,
and are drawn up in battle array and have persuasive tongues,
they have filled your ears with their loud and inveterate calumnies.
And this is the reason why my three accusers,
Meletus and Anytus and Lycon,
have set upon me