By wordley
Date: 2002 Nov 10
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Shades and Tints

If love were just a colour, what would it be for you?
Would it be the pink of bathtime fun and games;
Or would it be the golden shades as autumn passes through
Making love by some leaf-strewn quiet lane.
Or does it have the coldest blues of love left on its own
Laying forgotten on a dark and remote shelf
Where the snows of betrayal and sadness are  blown
And blackness shades a lost, despairing self.
Perhaps the greens of spring's rebirth gives fresh hope to all
As love blooms in so many tired and empty hearts
While the yellow heat of summer warms the days before the fall
And red sunsets glow to hasten lover's hearts
As the velvet glow of violet embraces all within
Her gentle, teasing grip of night's caress,
Soft orange of the fire's glow on a lover's hungry skin
As in the mauve your lover you undress.
A rainbow is a wondrous sight, a arc of purest rays
From red to the deepest shades of blue
And I ask all of you who on its glory, gaze
If love were a colour, what would it be for you?