By wordley
Date: 2002 Nov 29
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Do THEY know it's Christmas?

                         upon a
                      time a little
                   boy dreamed that,if
                he were really good, Santa
                       would take
                    him for a ride on
                 his sleigh and show him
              all the children of the world
           whose only wish this night is to make
                    it through another
                night, to have enough food
            to survive another day. So forward
          they rode, on into the eternal night the
        earth to see, from the Sudan to the wastes of
     Niger, to the sadness of Bosnia and beyond. Santa had
                  tears in his eyes, " if
              only it were as easy to bring joy
          to them as it is where there is plenty of
        food and the wealth of the nations I see each
      time I ride forth. Tell me , how does a Sindy doll
   fill an empty belly?...The boy could not answer that most
                    the child of mankind
                     still has no answer
                      so whilst we take
                       gluttony to the
                        extreme, let
                         us remember
           and in our rememberence, find our humanity