By wordley
Date: 2002 Dec 09
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Baby Blue?...Screw You!!!

I looked at you today and didn't recognise your face
That look of hate and scorn did not belong
I'm sorry if I bent the fender, twisted the hood
God, anyone would think i'd done you wrong!
It wasn't my fault, OK?, if some jerk ignored a red
I'm sorry if the insurance will not pay
And you'll excuse me if I don't get out of bed
For my crutches are a bit too far away!
I never thought you could be so shitty,
I never dreamed you would take this kind of view
But before you called 911, you called your friend in the city
To swing by and take good care of 'Baby Blue'
And whilst laying in the ambulance, I saw you stroke her rear
Saw you cry over her crumpled doors and trunk
So you'll forgive me if I say "Get out of here!!"
I have this sudden urge to get extremely drunk!!