By wordley
Date: 2003 Mar 30
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See me,
See me standing there beside you, listening to your voice
See me, where ever you may look ,
See me?

Hear me,
Hear me laughing at your jokes, your asides
Hear me and the beating of my heart
Hear me?

Feel me,
Feel me standing in your shadow, lost in awe
Feel me, being there whenever you need me
Feel me?

Hold me,
Hold me close to keep you warm and safe,
Hold me as a shield against your sadness,
Hold me?

Know me,
Know me and you will know all that I am,
Know me and know the love of the ages,
Know me?

See me , and see my eternal devotion,
Hear me, and know my words are true,
Feel me, as armour against all who bring pain,
Hold me, feel the heat of my love,
Know me, and all you ask is given, love!!