By Rennie Lorca aka a Blenderite
Submitted by RennieLorca
Date: 2003 Apr 12
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LOVE TO ALL (continued)


Hokey as it may seem, the need for sweet, endearing, passionate and memorable words with real lovers never ceases, but listen ... do you hear them out in public always needing to say these words aloud. Just look into their eyes reflecting each other. There is no mistaking the look of love between two real lovers when they share it. There are intimate touches that are simple but recognized well by other lovers. See him take her hand, or pull her a bit closer and smile on introductions. See the quick wink? Them flirting together. It never quits -- thankfully.

You can't tell me I really don't know about life. Sadly, I do. I've held the lifeless bodies of too many I've loved, even held myself and felt me slipping away. Love saved me each time. Knowing there is love still around when what you've loved best is gone. Knowing there is someone out there who is just like you in looking and wishing. And, I know it is just as hard as looking up in a night sky full of stars and trying to pick the right one out. Watch for that unique and certain twinkle almost like a heartbeat making a wish you'll see it.

I have no guarantees on how long I will live ... OR ... how long the person I love most will live or even love me. I have today, and it wears a smile above everything on and in me. Every scar, wrinkle, and smile is something to treasure. Sooner or later with a love or lover, both of you will just feel and then need each other and what you can look out at in this world together. I can guarantee it, but if you are hurting right now, you might not believe me. If you are still searching outside instead of inside yourself, you won't understand all I am saying here. I understand. I do ... I've been there.

Love to all ...... Rennie

(c) 2003 Rennie Lorca aka a Blenderite