By Vishal
Date: 2003 Apr 13
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Boat Ride

For hours we cruised around, mesmerized by the circle of water around us and the circle of sky above that seemed to be made of one colour and one substance. Only the sound of the boat seemed incongruent and unwelcome. I felt the wordless ingathering of harmony that comes when you strike out alone and enter into the cathedral-like silence of nature far removed from cities. For a brief moment, the noise of the motor had disappeared, expunged by the vastness and silkiness of a lake that was intiating us to it's depths with a perfect stillness. We floated there, with another summer ending and the warm wind soft against the surface, drifting in the deep currents on a cloudless day, and the sanctity all around us merged in my mind with my love for her, too vast to be expressed.
My soul grazes like a lamb on the beauty of indrawn tides.