By wordley
Date: 2003 Apr 24
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Aww Shit......

I wish that you could look and see into this heart of mine
To see the damage you have done and to know that you are fine
You come and go, as if this heart were a place of amusement for you,
But you should be aware that this heart could suddenly collapse upon you
You could find your self trapped inside this heart that has suddenly given way
To the pressure applied, that has caused this disaster, yet you just walk away
As if nothing has happened, your world is intact, no damage is there to be,
You gamble along like some fresh spring lamb, a whole new world too see,
But I will shout 'Mint Sauce' and pour a damper upon your guile
I will hold you to vows that you have made, and I will gladly smile
You cannot stretch this love I give, it's not meant to elongate
And, like a piece of string it will finally drag you back to communicate
Don't mess with me, don't piss me off, don't tell me lies at all
'Cause if you do, the truth will out, and you will surely fall
All will know that you have been a prick and I have proof to see
And I will hold a watching brief over joy that releases me