By wordley
Date: 2003 Apr 30
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[[2003.]] time

Trust me, I know, It's a hard thing to do
When those men have done so much damage to you
Trust me, I know, it's a hard thing to bare
But know that THIS man will always be there
I know they abused all the love that you had
Took everything, said serves you right, were so bad
But now, with a wisdom born of experience, you see
The heart that beats inside of me,
No desire to get inside you knickers
The flame of love inside me flickers
And bursts into a flare of intense illumination
Your heart, its final destination
To rebuild its shattered fabrication,
Love is the balm to ensure medication
Through the veins of trust this cure will flow
And, in a while, your senses will know
The reason that this repair holds tight
You know, in your heart, that I am right
And you can rest safe, lest we see
A return to the hostilities
But no, this man will shield you now
Away from the front line, telling you how
This love I give will trust you to
Keep it safe your whole life through
                           To Leah