By wordley
Date: 2003 May 23
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Dead?..We'll see

I came to where our love is buried with flowers of hope to lay
On the cold, dark earth under which it sleeps, dormant since that day
I had laid it to rest, that same day you left, watched it die through all my tears,
"murderer!" I cried as its life was taken, life that can't be measured in years
You took its life, drained its strength, brought it slowly to its knees
Infected its being with deceit and derision, the carriers of hatred's disease
For love that is constantly taken for granted, isn't fed by a warm, loving heart
Will cease to be, its essence will flee and its fabric will fall apart
Oh I wish you were here, I wish you could see, I wish you could feel the pain
I know I couldn't stop you leaving, that you'll not come back again
If you truly cared, this wouldn't have happened, this sweetest creation would be spared
Such a terrible end, this greatest emotion would be something we could have shared,
For eternity and more it would have kept us alive in each others heart,
But now I must search for another to help me, to make a brand new start
And resurrect this wondrous cadaver, breath life back into its soul,
For with another true and loving mind this love can again be made whole
Alive again in glorious splendour, kept safe from future harm
With one alike in thought and need, one whose innocent charm
Will stay with me in mutual enjoyment, bask in love's light and heat
And love shall remain in our hearts for ever, not dead beneath your feet!