By By Governor Bob Wise (and some chick)
Submitted by Trout Almondine
Date: 2003 May 24
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Love Letters, A Gubernatorial Affair

The following are transcripts of some of the 541 e-mails exchanged between Gov. Bob Wise and Angela Mascia-Frye. The messages were obtained by the Daily Mail through a Freedom of Information Act request.

July 5, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: Governor...You are the best Governor ever!!
Wise: ...And thanks for saying I'm the best gov'r. Actually, I am the only one who keeps the same crazy e-mail hours that you do.

July 7, 2002
Wise: ...probably the best way is to leave a message on my cell which is ***blacked out***
Mascia-Frye: Thank you for your cell phone number. I won't call you unless it's absolutely necessary (life or death situation...).

July 15, 2002
Mascia-Frye: How is Idaho? Is the G-convention interesting? What is Idaho known for besides the delicious potatoes? I hope to meet you on the Internet highway tonight. Do you have the AOL instant messenger? Enjoy Idaho!!!
Wise: Reporting from Idaho. As hard as it is to believe, this place really is built around the potato -- including the bottle of Blue Ice vodka that showed up in our room. It's a local product. ... Interestingly, my son and I were walking down a Boise street tonight and passed the Basque Center. Tell me if I need to do some boning up on Basque history and protocol.

July 21, 2002
Wise: ... Hey, do the Basques have a beach? Probably too much to hope, huh?
Mascia-Frye: Oh yes they do and what a beautiful coast they have. Besides having the Guggenheim Museum, they have a beautiful coast and great food. Too bad the trip lasts only barely 2 days and of course it's a working trip and not a pleasure trip. At least the eye will have some fun, though ...

July 25, 2002
Mascia-Frye: I'm ready to open a new office in the Basque Country. I received an email from Dave Dickirson today confirming his participation in the trip to Bilbao. Debe Browning is working on Satterfield's passport. So, I guess we're all ready to go!
Wise: Great. I need to get some appropriate business cards printed--perhaps in neon proclaiming "Bob of Bilbao"

July 27, 2002, 2:04 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: From now on that's your new nickname "Bob of Bilbao" -- I like that!

July 28, 2002, 10:27 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Governor, I apologize for the nickname thing. I shouldn't have said anything like that.

Aug 1, 2002 1:54 p.m.
Wise: Why not? Don't give me too much deference. My kids say it makes me even more impossible to live with. Besides, governors get to be governors a limited time. It's a good idea to keep them loose.

Aug 8, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: Governor, so did you like the coffee of this afternoon better than the one yesterday? How about the dried pies? We can order some for you if you would like.
Wise: What dried pies? Is that the Chinese package I was eating from? Those tasted like pretzel balls doused with wasabi. That's why I like stopping by the international division -- always a new experience.

Aug. 9, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: I just realized I wrote dried pies instead of dried peas. This is so funny, I'm so sorry but I meant that you tasted dried peas yesterday. I understand that Toyota might have had concerns but I believe (deleted) would simply like to talk with somebody regarding finding qualified personnel for the automotive industry ...
I had to ask in the office what Rocky Top is suspecting it could be a country song ... well, I have to admit that I have been exposed to country music only since 1996 (since I moved to WV) and therefore I'm not too familiar with lots of the old country songs. Wade Hayes still remains my favorite country artist and Phil has good chance in becoming his bass player. Maybe we can get Wade for an even in WV one of these days.
Wise: If you did not recognize Rocky Top, it confirms that I better get my cane and shuffle off to the nursing home. This younger generation!
And I'm glad you clarified about "peas" versus "pies" ...

Aug. 24, 2002
Wise: It was a great trip. Please keep me posted. Off to New Orleans to look into opening up a trade office in the French Quarter.
Mascia-Frye: Hey, governor, French Quarter? Take me with you -- I can work in all conditions and any time zones. Louisiana works for me.

Aug. 27, 2002
Wise: ... I think I have several good sites for our new French Quarter trade office. Do you have too much of a work ethic to work in New Orleans? My memory from 25 years ago, and a quick observation, is that nothing has changed, is that folks here don't care about much of anything. New Orleans' nickname of the "Big Easy" is well-named. Let the good times roll -- and I guess I roll back home tomorrow.

Sept. 2, 2002:
Wise: ... We nail this one down and I may even break my usual rule and have a glass of vino.
Mascia-Frye: ... I didn't know you had a rule when it comes to wine ... Which one is it? You don't like wine? Wine can be such a piece of art when appreciated in moderation. I certainly hope you will make an exception.
Wise: Wine is great. My problem is I am "always on call," so I don't drink when I have to do any business or handle anything unexpected like a prison riot.

Sept. 15, 2002:
Wise: ... Something that just occurred to me. Do we need visas for Spain?
Mascia-Frye: ... We don't need any visas for Spain -- just like the rest of Europe if we don't stay longer than three months.
Wise: ... I will be a smart aleck for a moment. What do you think the gym facilities are like at the palace? And does anyone else live there? Also, if it is a palace, does it have an equestrian center so I should bring my riding clothes. I always wanted to ride a Lipizzaner stallion!

Oct. 5, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: I fully understand that you and others took precious time out of your busy schedules to come to the Basque Country and had high expectations. I can imagine that you must be disappointed and Dave Dickirson probably feels like this trip was a waste of time ... I know there is no excuse and I hope you will give me another chance. ...
Wise: Hey, ease up on yourself. As they say in baseball, you don't get to hit a home run every time you step up to bat. I don't think there were any homers (announcements) on this trip, but there is good chance we may get some base hits out of it.

Oct. 6, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: I'm relaxing with a glass of Rioja and some good music from the Basque Country. Fits like glove ... should do this more often. I guess have to travel to the Basque Country again for some more Rioja. Did you taste yours yet? Try it with your new CD -- charming combination.

Oct. 8, 2002:
Wise: Big night tonight doing e-mail and listening to Carlos Montoya. Must still be in Spanish mode. Hope all is going well with the Italians.

Oct. 9, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: Yes, my Italian boys are really cool. In matter of fact most of them are from the South since the aerospace industry in concentrated around Rome and Naples. The bunch is cool and the personalities are so different and very interesting. You will be able to see for yourself tonight.

Oct. 17, 2002:
Mascia-Frye: Governor -- will you be at the Homecoming game at Marshall this weekend? I am taking Sofegi's managing director to the game and we will be in (deleted). Maybe we'll see you there.
Wise: Yep. I'll be there wearing green and white. You'll recognize me because I'll also be wearing the buffalo horns. (Go Herd). That should confirm for Sofegi that they made the right decision.

Oct. 20, 2002:
Mascia-Frye, who has a fourth ticket to the Shanghai Ballet at the Huntington Civic Arena: The ballet starts at 8 p.m. -- you could always join later. That would be really cool. ... Imagine (if) you would have stayed with the ballet maybe on Monday we would see the grand ballet star and soloist Bob Wise performing with the Shanghai Ballet. Like I always say, our Governor has many talents, even classical ballet.
Wise: Since I am going to be in deep and remote southern WV -- Monroe and Summers counties -- Monday evening, I don't want to hold up your ticket. If I can get there somehow, I will either call or have Sarah make arrangements. ... I doubt that that Shanghai Ballet will be asking me to solo with them. Not too many Chinese ballets feature clogging.
And I followed your good example, if not your selection. I decided to have a small glass of wine. The only thing opened was "Baco Noir" from the Daniels Vineyard in Beckley. Not quite the same as Basque Rioja, but warming.
Mascia-Frye: Governor -- would you come if I would invite you to a Christmas party here in Hugheston? I wouldn't invite anybody from here but mostly friends and working colleagues from Charleston and Huntington. I'm curious to know.
Wise: Sure, I'd be glad to come if it works with the schedule. I really don't know what is coming up until Sarah shows me the list. Sounds like it would be fun.
Mascia-Frye: I'm sure you get invited to the entire world around Christmas so I would totally understand if you couldn't come.
Wise: Reporting in from Mountaineer Race Track where I speak tomorrow morning to the WV Solid Waste Authority. Exciting, huh. It looks like I will have to buy the DVD of the Shanghai Ballet ... I better prepare for tomorrow's speech on solid waste disposal. Now how do you say in Italian, "Please remember to separate your bottles and cans from paper goods before you put out your trash."
Mascia-Frye: ... please ask me something nicer than how to put the trash out in Italian.

Oct. 28, 2002
Mascia-Frye, at an economic development conference: I know you were kidding, but even if you would consider to open up an office in (blacked out) you wouldn't consider me anyway so don't tease me with the idea of a new office, which sounds soooooooooo inviting.
Mascia-Frye: Tonight it'll be a short night -- dinner and back to the hotel. I guess I'm not twenty anymore even though I'm still young. Anyway, got to go back to class. See you online tonight.

Oct. 30, 2002
Mascia-Frye: One of the speakers is from Arizona and he wants to hire me for his firm. It's actually all year long warm in Arizona -- I might have to give it some thought.
Wise: Don't even think about Arizona. You would miss the fall seasons and the changing of leaves ...

Nov. 3, 2002
Wise: Welcome back. I stopped by the Int'l Office the other day to make calls and it was not the same with your empty office. No good coffee either.

Nov. 10, 2002
Mascia-Frye: Governor -- I'm flattered that you have thanked me so many times for the Sogefi deal. We both know that without your effort this deal would have never happened. True, I made the first contact but it was a team effort...
Again, thank you so much for mentioning my name -- you know how good that made me feel and all of us love to be acknowledged in some way. I know that my name was not in the original speech they wrote for you therefore I appreciate it even more. Mille grazie!!! Angela.

Nov. 12, 2002
Mascia-Frye: Too bad you cancelled your visit at our offices. We made special coffee for you today.

Nov. 14, 2002
Wise: Sorry. I had to replace it with a visit to the two Ravenswood mobile home parks that were wiped out in Sunday's windstorm. Please give me a rain check on the coffee.
Mascia-Frye: Don't be sorry. I always talk too much ... People were all over you today as usual. It's never easy to capture a moment of your time.

Nov. 15, 2002
Mascia-Frye (speaking of the dean of an economic development institute): Well, he is my mentor when it comes to economic development. I need a mentor for politics now.

Nov. 18, 2002
Mascia-Frye: Is everything okay? Did I say something wrong? Are you mad at me?

Nov. 19, 2002
Wise: Heavens no. Incidentally, thanks for the coffee this afternoon. It must not have been as strong as it looked since I actually fell asleep at a respectable hour.

Nov. 23, 2002
Mascia-Frye (in a long e-mail that starts with a discussion of state budget problems): I wish we could spend an entire evening together simply talking about a multitude of topics. But I'm sure many people wish to do the same. . . .
Your current position has to be very difficult in times of crisis. By writing once in a while I obtain a little glimpse of what is really going on. But I can honestly say that you are one of the best people I've met in my life.
Despite all the current problems, all you hear in our agency is talk about not getting any raises. We in our int. division know that there will not be any raises whatsoever. This must sound like a broken record to you but it's very difficult and frustrating to work very hard for an entire year knowing there won't be any reward for the hard work.

Nov. 26, 2002
Wise: Sorry to be late getting back. WVDO has the same obligation that every state agency -- namely to reduce the budget by 10 percent. However, I feel confident that you and the other personnel who are clearly achieving will not have to worry.
Wise: If I don't talk with you -- I'm off to Ohio tomorrow to seek some jobs -- have a Happy Thanksgiving. If you are cruising the information highway over the Thanksgiving holidays, I may find you.
Mascia-Frye: If I don't talk to you before the holidays I would like to wish you a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving feast. I am certain we can all use this quality time with our families away from all the negativity of this world.
Mascia-Frye: Governor, I certainly had a very interesting conversation today with some people. All (or most) BID reps and local economic developers are under the perception that the European Office in Germany landed the Sogefi project.
Not that you particularly have time to care about issues like this one since you certainly have more important thing to deal with right now. Still, it certainly did not make my day being reminded that the press release only gave credit to the European office in Germany it still somewhat hurt my feelings reading the news.

Dec. 14, 2002
Wise: Sorry to have missed you tonight at Alex's. I arrived about 9:30. Had you already been?
I walked around for an hour or so, was tempted by wine but stuck to cranberry juice and club soda (I sure know how to have a good time), and called out your name in 5 languages.

Dec. 15, 2002
Mascia-Frye: Are you going to any of the events at the Clay Center next year? Check it out at -- great shows coming up. This is so exciting. I certainly will be a regular guest at the center.
Wise: Thanks for the website. I will have to check the upcoming Clay Center selection out. I have always believed that it will be a major economic development benefit since it can bring a higher level of culture. Sort of like what the art museum has done for Barcelona. Although I was impressed to learn that the Barcelona museum, even with titanium siding, was constructed cheaper than the Charleston version.
Mascia-Frye: ...The Clay Center will do wonders for West Virginia. And you meant the city of Bilbao not Barcelona... maybe we should go again to explore other parts of Spain.
Wise: You're right. It must be because I still have Barcelona on my mind. Not as pretty mountains, but beautiful sea port and truly cosmopolitan...

Dec. 16, 2002
Wise: Rioja forever.
Mascia-Frye: You sure are in a good mood. Well, I guess in terms to forget my cold this evening I should open a bottle of Rioja and get really happy. Wish you could share a glass with me.

Dec. 17, 2002
Wise: That sounds a lot better than batting between Fairmont and Beckley, which I did yesterday, and heading to Hedgesville tonight. At least I get some good pepperoni rolls on the trips up I-79.
Mascia-Frye: I'll be very happy to take your list and pick up anything on there. Target seems to be a top runner among shoppers. I guess I will learn that tomorrow afternoon/evening. What would the holidays be without us giving ... ???!! I'm waiting for your list.

Dec. 25, 2002
Mascia-Frye: ... I certainly hope Santa brought you what you were wishing for.
Wise: ... I got just what I wanted for Christmas --- namely a quiet, peaceful day. Back to the fray tomorrow.

Dec. 27, 2002
Wise: ... The interesting thing today was watching the national media, which was all over the Lottery office, perpetuate the stereotype about poor WV. Some were even spreading the story that we would have trouble paying the Powerball winner -- actually we gave the family the largest advance -- $10 million -- ever given. And they also had trouble absorbing that, despite our budget shortfall, we are better off than most states, including New York, where many of them had flown in from. Oh well, they hate it when you get in front of their stereotypes.

Dec. 29, 2002
Mascia-Frye (2:09 a.m.): ...So many miles apart and yet we get to enjoy almost the same wine ... the Internet never ceases to surprise and impress me. I am glad that I am able to inspire you in one way or another even if some would think and say that I'm inspiring you to drink.
Wise (2:39 a.m.): Hey, you've heard my location and transportation pitch more times than you want to think about. Depending on what the prospect makes, we've always got 60 percent of the users of that product within one day's drive. You interested in making spent nuclear plutonium rods, why make them in WV today and have them on the shelves of 60 percent of the spent plutonium rod customers tomorrow --- and 30 percent of the Canadians!

Jan. 5, 2003:
Mascia-Frye: ... Can you ever let down your guard and enjoy only private life without thinking about your work? You as governor have lots of responsibilities so I wonder if you ever can totally relax and take it easy. Can you?
On another subject that has been bothering me now for quite some time I wanted to ask you your opinion. I saw on the news that the governor of Colorado has declared open season to hunt cougars. ... Is there anything that can be done to prevent the useless killing and extinction of this beautiful animal?
Wise: In this position, there is no private life. No complaints, I knew that going in. But I always have to be prepared to respond to a sudden turn of events. And I am always in the public scrutiny. And I have had to learn that no matter what I say, even the most flippant remark, is likely to be reported and taken seriously. So I have had to curb some of my more outrageous humor! Which may be a hidden blessing to most.

Jan. 6, 2003:
Wise: I was interested in your concern about cougars in Colorado. Sometimes today's endangered species is tomorrow's dilemma. When I was in New Orleans over 20 years ago, the alligator was on the endangered species list. Now they have to have a hunting season because the species has multiplied incredibly. In West Virginia we have seen the same thing happen with the black bear ... Please don't get too attached to the coyote. We had none of these 15 years ago. Now they are a clear danger to livestock, wildlife and even small children in almost every part of the state. And you will be happy to know that the mountain lion also seems to be enjoying a resurgence in the Mountain State.
And that's all for your evening wildlife report.

Jan. 7, 2003:
Mascia-Frye: Governor -- I finally got the wine today!! It's a 1999 Chianti Classico Riserva from the Banfi winery (one of my preferred ones -- but I do prefer Barolo or Brunello di Montalcino, but hey, we'll take a Chianti Classico Riservar!) I will bring the wine to you tomorrow at the Mansion if that's okay. Let me know.
Wise: I'm happy to take a good wine whenever I can get it. ... I just finished a 2000 wine from the Banfi winery that was excellent. I can't wait to see what a 1999 is like.

Jan. 8, 2003:
Mascia-Frye: ... How is your speech coming along for this evening? Are you going to the Marriott as well? See you this evening.
Wise: ... I'm still practicing. I usually don't make the Marriott event. I host the reception immediately afterward. Also, tomorrow, I start doing national TV shows about 7 so I have to try to get some rest. I give you my proxy to represent me at the BIG reception!
Mascia-Frye: ... It's show time again! You'll be brilliant! ...

Jan. 10, 2003:
Mascia-Frye: Belated happy birthday!
Wise: Thanks for remembering. It is the people that keep remembering even after the day has passed that make you feel good. And I still feel as young!
Mascia-Frye: And you are still very young! Never change your attitude. That's what makes your interesting personality so intriguing to other people -- including me!
Wise: A friend once suggested, when noting my personality, that there was a thin line between being "interesting" and being crazy. I may cross over it from time to time.
Mascia-Frye: Some might call it interesting and crazy I call it different and unique. I've seen your interesting side now I sure am curious to see your crazy side.

Jan. 11, 2003
Wise: One late-night, when you turn on Jay Leno and see me sitting there in reindeer antlers or leading a clogging review, you will know two things: first, the crazy side has finally won out, and second, I'm retiring from public life. But I will give you plenty of warning.
Frye: After having so long in the public eye I doubt you will fully give up public life. So, reindeer antlers and leading a clogging review is as crazy as it gets with you? I bet there is much more in you. Well, waiting for that warning.
Wise: There's more. But I can't talk about it while the children are still up. And the troopers grow uneasy.
And let me give you a preliminary report. Even after warming up a three hour old piece of pizza, your wine is amazing. For some reason, I did not know how much I liked Chianti. This stuff is - well, I just wish I knew a sufficient Italian superlative -- is "fantastico" a word? Or "magnificentissimi?" Anyway, you get the idea.
Frye: And what would that more be? I am certainly very curious to know what that might be and I'm sure you have already a funny answer ready. I have a certain idea but I'd rather wait for you to tell me ...
So pizza it is tonight for dinner, huh? I guess I have to look for a bottle of red wine. See what the wine cellar has to offer. ...
And yes, fantastico is a world and it would be magnifico ...
Frye: So, do you think you can tell me now?
Wise: Sorry to be late getting back. I stepped away to dine on Chinese carry-out (as you can see, it's a varied menu in the Gov'r's Mansion -- Dominos in the afternoon; General Tso in the evening.) and because (I got) caught up in a Scrabble game with 13 year old Alexandra. I won, but it is becoming more difficult.
You had mentioned an automotive conference in Detroit. Is this something where WV has a booth, or do you all walk around making contacts? Also, when is this conference? I am wondering whether this is something that it might be worthwhile for me to attend for a day. Who goes? Any thought?

Jan. 14, 2003
Frye: Thanks for the candy!
Wise: If things ever get boring, I have found those hot balls really pick me up.
Frye: They certainly do!! Quite a punch.
Wise: They certainly have woken me up on a few long, tiring drives.

Jan. 22, 2003
Mascia-Frye: I can imagine that you must be under a lot of pressure right now. Still, at least when you come over to our offices you can escape from the current pressure even if only for a little while. Were you serious about the SAE tradeshow in Detroit? If so we can find a way to maximize your time should you be able to attend for a day. There is no need to get anybody else involved at this point. We'll figure it out soon.
I received another bottle in of that Chianti Classico in the mail, but then discovered that the bottle is intended for Jerry McDonald. I'm not quite sure though the bottle will make it all the way to Huntington. What do you say? I am certainly flattered you value my opinion (hard to believe though... -- and hopefully not only in wine taste ...), and maybe there is a tasty Chianti out there with the raffia-wrapped bottle that is actually pretty good. I guess I will be browsing the net for such a wine in the very near future. If I find one I'll let you know!
How is your week coming along? Are you hanging in there?

Jan. 23, 2003
Wise: Huntington is such a far distance for such a fine bottle of wine to have to travel. Why take a chance on it being ruined somehow? I think you should keep it -- and if you have others to share it with; well, that's ok. Down deep, Jerry would want it to stay with you. We'll send him something wrapped in raffia.
Yep, I'm hanging in. I was out of town today in Morgantown and speaking to the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce. Nothing like running around in 8 degrees.
If you think there are some opportunities at the SAE show, I would be interested in taking the day. (Any chance of another 8 course home-cooked Chaldean meal? Just kidding, since it took too long to figure out what to do with the last major gift they gave me.) Since I value your advice in many areas, I look forward to your thoughts on this one.

Jan. 23, 2003
Mascia-Frye: I can only share your opinion about the bottle of wine. I now have two bottles sitting in my office. I'm sure Jerry wouldn't care not getting it. I'll gladly share with you. I can send the bottle over to your office. Would that be okay? I've been thinking about the SAE show. I'll be sending out letters to all European exhibitors and all other EU people I know normally attend. Let's figure out a way that would make sense for you to attend.
We'll figure it out soon.
I figured you'd been busy these days. Hopefully we'll see you next week at our offices.

Jan. 24, 2003
Wise: ***blacked out***
And hold onto the wine. I am determined to get over shortly. Since they had a gas leak at the Capitol today, I may just move my office over. And once you finally get up to the upper levels on the one working elevator, you all have nice window views.

Jan. 24, 12:41 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: I'm surprised you're still up so late. Working late, huh? ***blacked out***
If so, we probably would end up not eating at all ... I'm just kidding, please don't take it personally. Must be the late hour. I will hold on to the wine until you come over. I'll have the bottle ready in a bag like last time. We wouldn't want people to get the wrong impression, would we now. Might not be a bad idea to move your office to the WVDO -- I'm sure many would approve but many would also not like that. As gas leak at the Capitol? That sounds scary!!

Jan. 24, 1:10 a.m.
Wise: Insomnia is running rampant tonight. Also the need to catch up on backlogged e-mail. And, of course, I had to have my late-night discussion with Satterfield.
But I had no doubt that you would be out there on the cyberhighway - right now the only highway in the state that isn't iced over. Yeah, the gas had to be turned off for about 2 hours while the fire dep't looked for the source of the leak. Needless to say, it began getting cold after about 12 minutes.
I'm glad I was about 140 miles away ...
***blacked out***
Ok, if I am thinking like this, it's time to see if I can get some sleep.
Long day tomorrow, but at least around here.
Hasta manana

Jan. 24, 12:34 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Buenos dias Gobernador...
I am certainly tired today, believe me. It's been a long week for all of us, I guess. I hope I don't interfere with your nightly conversation with Satterfield by corresponding.
Are you serious about wanting to have dinner with ***blacked out*** in case you come up to Detroit? But then you would have to stay longer. Anyway, I'm sure they would be very surprised seeing you walking in with the catch of the day (and in this case not fish ... hey, about fishing?). Seriously, should you decide to come and should it make sense for you to come, we should definitely meet with Jeff and Andrea. I don't know about dinner though. We should definitely meet with the Italian companies at the Italian pavilion, etc. -- just an idea.
Hasta luego...

Jan. 24, 4:18 p.m.
Wise: Actually it would be fun to have dinner with them, but now I better get businesslike, and say not at the expense of meeting with other prospects. Is there some information that you have on this show so I understand it better?
And don't worry about ever interrupting any conversation with David. Since he never sleeps, if he wants me, he finds me at any hour. The only safety is to turn the phone off.
I wondered if you ever become tired. You stay up later and hit the ground running earlier than almost anyone I know.

Jan. 24, 4:59 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: What are your plans for the weekend?

Jan. 26, 7:51 p.m.
Wise: Sorry to be late responding to this. I did not get to e-mail until now - if you look at the time on this e-mail, you will see that I am not a typical American since I am not watching the Superbowl. However, I am going in the TV room in a minute so I can officially watch at least part of it. No one is branding me un American.
Yesterday (I) was on the road some in the morning, then back to spend several hours at the hunting and fishing show at the Civic Center. A giant coliseum shoulder to shoulder with camouflage and mostly male bonding. If all the raffle tickets I bought actually win, I will soon be the proud owner of an ATV, two flintrock rifles, one 16 gauge shotgun (to go with the 12 gauge from the Denha's), some other rifle and an assortment of skinning knives.
And maybe even a treestand for the side yard in the Mansion.
Today was a reception in Boone County for a close friend who has been appointed to the State Board of Education. And now just preparing for this week. I spend some time in the first floor sun room with my evening glass of wine (figured I better drink it early this evening.) watching the snow come down. There is something always peaceful about this scene.
I hope yours has been a good weekend. You will be happy to know that the hunting show featured improved ways to go after just about every type of ambulatory mammal, but not one device to cause harm for cougars.
I'm very sensitive to them nowadays.

Jan. 26, 9:45 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I guess you can't call me true American either since I've missed the entire Superbowl. I guess I will have to wait for the UEFA Cup or the next world championship in soccer. There is nothing like a good old fashioned good soccer game. As I am sure your daughter will tell you.
You most certainly spent a busy weekend but I guess that's normal routine for you. Watched the snow come down as well this afternoon. Missed my glass of red wine though. It was more hot teatime this weekend.
I guess you will tease me for the rest of my life with the cougars. I am certainly very relieved to hear that you are very sensitive to them nowadays but I'm sure you bought ammunition enough to take out the entire WV wildlife. At least you had fun at the show and with your luck you'll be the bigger winner as well. Enjoy!!

Jan. 27, 2:31 p.m.
Wise: A hunting show is like a lot of things that a large crowd of predominantly males do -- make great predictions about what they will do, spend amazing amounts of money on the equipment that "guarantees" their success, then come home talking about "the one that got away." It's true in everything ranging from hunting to business.

Jan. 27, 2:39 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Well, hunting is most certainly rather a male thing (I should never make assumptions but I am in this case), but I believe women prefer doing similar things such as archery and if so on a competitive level. Another assumption I'm making again thinking that all women are like me. I know, I should never make assumptions...
This is funny and can be interpreted in so many ways ..., but as long as you are only talking about hunting and business...

Jan. 27, 2:50 p.m.
Wise: Like I said, it covers a wide spectrum of male activities.

Jan. 27, 2:54 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Why limit it only to male activities? Women are not any different in this case ...

Jan. 27, 3:41 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Shocked? I hope not.

Jan. 27, 5 p.m.
Wise: Women don't wear as much camouflage and they don't like tree stands.

Jan. 27, 11:50 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: You as an expert must know, of course. But you're right, women actually don't wear much camouflage and sometimes leave too less to the imagination. I can't really tell about the tree stands. How do you know so much about women???

Jan. 28, 9:55 a.m.
Wise: That's why I got a library card when I was young -- so I could read lots of books.

Jan. 28, 10:12 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: Book smart, huh? I guess that brought you quite far in life.

Jan. 28, 11:39 a.m.
Wise: Books are always good. Besides, in college, the library was the best place for nerdy freshmen to meet girls.

Jan. 28, 11:45 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: Books are excellent!!! Unfortunately the library tactic doesn't work any longer once you graduate from college. But life gets so much more interesting after that ...

Jan. 28, 11:44 a.m.
Wise: The library tactic doesn't work after college??? Maybe that's what I was doing wrong all these years.

Jan. 28, 5:14 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I didn't know you were trying all these years?!?! Almost every day I learn something new about you!

Jan 28, 10:18 p.m.
Wise: Speaking of learning something new, I will be at the WVDO tomorrow around 1:30 to make some calls. This time there will be a TV station filming while I make a call or two to show what I am doing. So if you see me, particularly in the first part of my stay, you may end up on 6 pm news. There may also be a newspaper reporter along. TV is easier since you always know what the camera is covering. With a print reporter, they can be taking down anything.
Now you can be the international star of stage and screen.

Jan. 28, 10:34 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I'm glad you changed the subject because the earlier emails were starting to freak me out. Must be the winter blues.
I knew were coming to our offices tomorrow around 2 p.m. but I didn't know that the TV station was tagging along. Since we are becoming familiar with media people (you are very familiar, I'm starting to get a taste of it), it will be a piece of cake. But believe me there will be plenty of people wanting for you to make calls in their behalf so I'm pretty sure they will be on, which is perfectly fine. I guess you have already seen the calling list for tomorrow. I have one German company for you to call. More calls next time. And you know exactly you are the star.
Hope I didn't freak you out today with those crazy emails ...

Jan. 28, 10:41 p.m.
Wise: No need to freak out. And don't get into the winter blues. The good news is the weather is supposed to turn warmer this weekend. Hopefully that appeals to your Mediterranean nature.
Actually the station may like the idea of me calling a foreign company. Hopefully the communications people have worked out which company I call while actually on camera. ***blacked out***

Jan. 28, 10:54 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I'm not freaked out I simply can't read you sometimes and I ask myself why you say certain things but don't have the guts to ask you then.
Complicated, I know.
Regarding the companies I don't know which one you will be calling in front of the cameras -- I doubt mine. Should you be calling my prospect I don't see any reason why you should call the company by name. You could simply say a German prospect -- that would be satisfying for everybody. But since you are probably not calling my company I'm not going to worry about this.
And yes, I do wonder why you write but despite the fact not knowing, which is not important, I do enjoy it.

Jan. 28, 11:12 p.m.
Wise: Sorry to be ambiguous -- sometimes a trait of mine. If we ever have a chance to have another glass of Rioja, we can talk about some of this.

Jan. 29, 5:29 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I am so sorry I asked you the friend thing. I should have never asked so many things.

Jan 29, 11:07 p.m.
Wise: No need to apologize about anything. For some reason, last night's e-mail exchange went bad and never recovered. I'm happy forgetting it.
Also, the last e-mail you sent me showed up blank - without any message. I really pondered that meaning!
Thanks for arranging today's phone call with ***blacked out***. You get double points if you can get someone to move into the ***blacked out*** county shell building!

Jan. 30, 12:15 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: In the supposedly blank email of yesterday I was simply saying that I would like to have a glass of wine if the occasion arises and we can talk about what you wanted to talk. And then I asked you: still friends? And I was hoping I could ask you that. ...

Jan. 30, 12:51 a.m.
Wise: The SAE show sounds good, I confess that I have not gone to the website yet. What are the dates again? Sounds like it could be a good day.
And of course we are still friends. Particularly when you compliment my new necktie and tee shirt which may well be covered with different Japanese curse words. Nothing like a good corporate tie to set a fellow off in the crowd.
Big night tonight. I just got off the phone with the first Garrison and now Satterfield. Last night I sneaked up on David about midnight, and, of all things, he was actually asleep; something that happens about once every 6 weeks. However, he made sure I didn't find him in that state tonight.

Jan. 30, 7:16 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: The dates for the show are March 3-6. Maybe the beginning of the show would be the day to be taken into consideration.
Thanks for being so easy going! You'll look great in that tie with those green monsters that have a certain resemblance to Pokemon. I guess it's a matter of taste. Green monster, huh? I don't know ...
I gave up on you last night and I guess so did Dave the other night. I always though Dave's job to be a very tough one ...
Tonight is Bob Bowen's farewell party at the Marriott. A lot of people will be there.

Jan. 30, 11:33 a.m.
Wise: I may run into you. I speak about 6 or so at the Polymer Alliance dinner. That is assuming I get back from Mullens. I was supposed to fly by helicopter, but now bad weather is making us drive. Hopefully I return before midnight.

Jan. 30, 11:39 a.m.
Cool, so maybe I'll see you there. I thought a bunch of people will show up but I wasn't sure whom all is going. Driving to Mullens, huh? That can take a while. I assume you will meet with some officials there and therefore have a full afternoon. I hope you can make the PAZ event.
Otherwise, see you on the internet highway ...

Feb. 1, 12:31 a.m.
Wise: I like being around health clubs. Both Ys are good facilities although Hillcrest is more modern. Mike Garrison and others have given me excellent comments about it. A lot of our administrations goes there. As I recall, that Y even had a deal with PEIA giving a discount if you signed up.
For years I have belonged to the Nautilus Club which has several locations across the valley, including the YWCA on Quarrier Street. However, when I go (I usually just work out in the Mansion) I usually go to the facility in Kanawha City. Working out around others can be self-reinforcing. Although there is nothing worse than going hard on some exercise machine, like an elliptical trainer, and having someone want to give you their opinion. At that point, concentration and cardiovascular don't mix.
In my next life, I want to run a health club. Work out every day and run the juice bar in a beach area -- that's the life.

Feb. 1, 12:41 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: Well, you should go as well if you like being around health clubs. The Mansion has to get boring after a while. See, the Y is another place where you meet interesting people all the time. I love to work out but I simply don't seem to know moderation or limits -- it's either everything or nothing. Lately, it seems that this has become my life philosophy -- dangerous.
It's never too late to change lifestyle. When your gig as governor runs out, maybe then it could be your chance to run a health club and that health bar. I might join your club ...

Feb. 1, 12:44 a.m.
Wise: The other piece of the health club would be devoted to martial arts with large posters of Bruce Lee strung around for inspiration. We try to have something for almost everyone. Maybe I should start talking to the Small Business people about a loan.
Heck, you can run the international section of the club which features the latest in European exercise routines and equipment. Now I think you have inspired me to run by the Nautilus Center tomorrow morning.

Feb. 1, 12:52 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: That would be something -- let's go into business together. Even if there is not necessary a special European exercise routine, heck, I would make one up. What do you think of Jackie Chan? I know, Bruce Lee was the God of martial arts and all the newbies don't come even close.
You should go to the Y instead of Nautilus. Maybe I'll see you there sometime.

Feb. 1, 12:57 a.m.
Wise: I should try it out sometime. I have always gone to the Nautilus because the owner has been helpful. Are you one of the early-before-work folks or are you an after work person?
Concerning future occupations, I have to believe you have some great opportunities in consulting on doing business in Europe. If someone is free to travel, this would be a great life. Look what someone like Michael Peck is able to do -- and I am being serious for a moment. I have to believe that more and more European small business and mid-size ones are going to want to come to the U.S. and will be looking for help. However, because I am loyal to the state of W.Va., I am not encouraging you to do this for awhile!

Feb. 1, 1:12 a.m.
Wise: If I'm going to make it to a work out tomorrow before going to work, I better try to get some sleep. Have a good day.

Feb. 1, 1:18 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: I've never tried the Nautilus but I really like the name. Of course, it reminds me of the ocean and being a romantic person I love the ocean. I should go to Maine in spring and walk through the dunes. If I had a dog it would be just me and my dog. It's funny how you go through certain life phases and you constantly try to find yourself. I would love for you to come to the Y for a change. Would I live closer to Charleston I would much rather go in the morning but for right now I prefer the after work workout. In summer I'll probably go in the morning. And you? You probably like to kick off the day with a good workout.
I have though plenty lately about my future and belief it or not I'm more drawn toward artistically things. I'm starting to take some art and painting classes -- something I always wanted to do. I'm even thinking about taking some dance lessons. Going crazy you may ask? I hope not. Sure I have thought about doing some sort of consulting at a certain point. Guess what? Last year ***blacked out*** approached me and asked me if I wanted to go into business with him. ***blacked out*** know he has a lot of experience but I would not consider this route. You are absolutely right about European small and medium sized companies wanting to invest in the U.S. more than ever. See, I have lived in New York and I chose W.Va. over it. I know a lot of people are leaving the (West Virginia Development Office) and the other state positions because of no pay raises and poor pays period. Call me infantile or whatever, but me too, I am loyal to the state (call me stupid, I guess) and therefore I'm not looking to leave any soon. I love my job and yes the pay could be better, but for right this is the right position for me. Should you consider opening the health club any soon, please let me know. I certainly would think about leaving my job then ...
Hey, I hope I don't keep you up so late. I'm good to go for hours. Surely I'm not the only one you are communicating with at this hour. I enjoy it late at night the most ... very relaxing.

Feb. 1, 1:19 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: You are leaving me already? Well, good night and have a great day tomorrow.
Thank you.

Feb. 1, 3:25 p.m.
Wise: You get the award for most energy across all time zones. I'll check in tonight to see if you are around.

Feb. 5, 6:03 p.m.
Wise: Gosh, if I get to go and be a guest lecturer, may I put that on my resume? It needs all the help it can get.

Feb. 5, 6:08 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Don't be so modest -- I'm sure your resume is like 100 pages long. But you know you don't have to do this and I know that it will only work if you have other appointments.
Wise: I hate to admit, I don't have a resume. Waiter, bartender and politician don't take up many paragraphs.
Mascia-Frye: It's not the length that matters but the content...
Wise: Does that mean I should put in that I just didn't pour beer, but I could also make one heck of a Ramos Gin Fizz? I am going to run over to the mansion for a few minutes to check on the kids. I will be back in touch hopefully in a few minutes.

Feb. 6, 11:01 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I hope you still feel like going to Detroit. For some odd reason I have the impression you don't really want to go. I hope I'm wrong.

Feb. 7, 10:59 a.m.
Wise: I hate to tell you that you're wrong. But you are!
I'm looking forward to it -- and I never thought I thought I thought I would say that about visiting Detroit.

Feb. 11, 6:04 p.m.
Wise: Tonight is one of those dinners I have been complaining about. It's a "roast" of two legislative leaders. Meaning I go to an hour reception, sit on a (dais) for another hour eating dinner, then sit and listen to 10 speeches making fun of the two designated legislators. Maybe I can just drown myself in a pitcher of ice tea midway through.

Feb. 11, 6:10 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Well, sounds like your evening is pretty much filled up. Just think of something to keep your mind busy and you'll get through like a breeze. What's for dinner?

Feb. 11, 6:09 p.m.
Wise: Since it is at the Women's Club here in the East End, nothing as good as what you would fix. The main course will be overdone speeches with a dessert of raunchy jokes.

Feb. 11, 6:15 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: I wouldn't be looking forward to that evening. Hey, just got an email from Sarah saying that you have a reservation at the Hilton in Windsor. Are you staying one night or two?

Feb. 11, 6:15 p.m.
Wise: I need to talk to my legislative keeper, Keith Burdette, to see if I can get away with two nights. Do you have enough meetings, etc., to keep us busy? Part depends on how early I need to be back Tuesday morning. I will check tomorrow. I'm heading out to this soiree with less than unbridled excitement. If you are still up later, I may have some bad jokes to share. That sounds appealing, doesn't it?

Feb. 18, 1:42 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Just got an invitation from Jerry McDonald to join him for dinner at the Chop House this evening. As appealing as this offer may appear I believe I have to pass for various reasons! Do you think he'll be upset????

Feb. 18, 2:10 p.m.
Wise: Makes me wonder whose expense account he is working. I stopped in there one night and realized that even the tossed salad was out of my reach.

Feb. 25, 3:08 p.m.
Wise: If you are reading this, then you are safely back from Morgantown and I am sending this to you short-distance. Hopefully hook up shortly.

Feb. 25, 5:54 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Just returned from Morgantown and I just made a pot of fresh coffee (I'm at the office) -- 5 hours on the road are just quite a few to meet with some people. I'm glad you made it back from DC. Hook up sounds good.
I'm thinking about ***blacked out*** and what I can do. Don't worry I'll come up with something. Thank you.

Feb. 25, 7:35 p.m.
Wise: Sorry to be late getting back. I am running in and out of meetings dealing with the last two weeks of the Legislature. This is when the high (or low, depending on your point of view) legislative drama really begins.
Thanks for the written phone message. Sometime you have to tell me how you do that. They are fun to receive. I apologize for being hard to reach this evening. I will try to catch up later.

Feb. 25, 7:43 p.m.
Mascia-Frye: Don't worry about being hard to be reached this evening. You must have tons of work waiting for you on your desk.

Feb. 26, 9:53 a.m.
Wise: I have asked Sarah to try to squeeze you into the cruiser we are using. It makes it a lot easier if we are all together. As I thought, we are traveling with ***blacked out***. I told her we are all friends so we can sit three in the back seat.

Feb. 26, 10:03 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: Was she okay with it? I don't want to upset anybody and thank you so much for asking. This makes things really so much easier. How are you today?

Feb. 26, 11:14 a.m.
Wise: Doing ok, but busy. Yawn, I sure stayed up late last night.

Feb. 26, 11:19 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: Hmm, yes busy, here as well. I wonder what you did last night staying up so late.

Feb. 26, 11:17 a.m.
Wise: When I stay up late, I can assure you it is only for worthwhile activities.

Feb. 26, 11:22 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: I'm most certainly happy to hear that. I wouldn't want you to waste your time with boring activities.

Feb. 26, 11:24 a.m.
Wise: No boring activities -- only intriguing ones.

March 10, 9:04 a.m.
Mascia-Frye: The world looks so much better today and believe me it will be okay -- we will make it okay. Catch up with you this afternoon!
Wise: It is a beautiful day -- and you are right. We will. Talk to you later.

March 26:
(speaking about a messaging service)
Mascia-Frye: I remember the song "Good Vibration" -- I'm glad you still enjoy the messages.
Wise: If you ever heard the song "Good Vibrations," it was because you visited a Rock and Roll museum.
Mascia-Frye: Give me a little credit -- I know a lot of songs -- even "Good Vibration." I'm full of surprises ...
Wise: I won't argue with your last statement.

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