By wordley
Date: 2003 May 26
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Now where did ...??

I have lost my love, I know not where,
Not in the bedroom or there on the stair,

'Twas not in the scullery, kitchen or hall
Infact 'twas no where I could recall

But one is certain, of this I am sure,
My life is so empty, not quite so pure

As it was when you loved me and held me so tight
When we laughed and loved far into the night

Made lover's plans and dreamed lover's dreams
All this is so much history it seems

I cannot remember what started this rot,
Turned passion so cold, that once was so hot

Froze all emotions, stilled all desire
Stealthily extinguished love's raging fire

Until that day when you simply weren't there,
Not in the bedroom or on the stair

Not in the scullery, kitchen or hall,
Seems i've lost my love once and for all