By Star of David
Date: 2003 Jun 12
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The darkness remains

I dip my pen into the inkwell of your rejection
And pause a while lest the bitterness overflow
You know it's been lonely without you
No one could quite make the moon shine like you used to

Remember how we used to enjoy nightfall
While crickets chirped and the mosquitoes would sting
Back then before the nights were this dark
And a cup of Nescafe held tight was like heaven in our hands

You know, the neighbours still put that bright light on
Which used to shine in our faces and take away the darkness
As it shaped itself around us and made the shadows fall away
Back when the simplest pleasures were the most important things

Well, this small town still follows the same old routine
And though the crickets still chirp and the mosquitoes sting
Nightfall has never been the same ever since you walked away
The darkness remains, but the tenderness is gone