By Star of David
Date: 2003 Nov 06
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I love you most in October

I love you most in October. That's when I miss you most with a deep silent pain that seeps into me so much stronger than before.
When all is silent within me and I can feel October approach, I sit here in the darkness and think of you again. Dark nights and soft rain, with aloneness in the very air I breathe. The month that brought me into a world where I never felt I belonged.
Come back just for October if you won't stay, I want to plead. But I have never shown you this weakness, this need to be with only you. You are the only one for me and you don't even know it.
Come back to wipe away the tears and hold me again. Come to me even in a dream. They say what goes around comes around and you always reap what you sow. How true. You took your revenge without even trying, without even knowing. I suffer because I'm still in love with you.