By Star of David
Date: 2004 Feb 09
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Thinking of you always makes me cry. You said you lived for moments - what if they have all gone by...?
That night was almost perfect, when love walked in, unexpected, by candlelight in a rhythm and blues café.
I didn't even know what it would feel like to hold your hand, to touch your skin, but the magic between us was so tangible, so real, that if I had stopped to think awhile, it would have scared me in its intensity.
And when you turned to me with sadness soft in your eyes, I wanted to just get up and walk away with your hand in mine, no matter what anyone would think or say. No matter what the consequences, how high the price for a moment's madness, I knew you would be worth it.
You said you looked at me that way - so obviously - so that I would know. All I knew was that I wanted you. How I wanted you. How I wanted to hold your hands, see that smile and gaze at the sadness, oh so soft in your eyes.
That was my undoing; the sadness that seemed to seep through you. Like music it flowed and washed over me, making me want to hold you, just hold you close for a while.
Unasked we had been blessed - or cursed - with a sense of belonging, a feeling that in each other we would find peace. Between us, passion would never be in short supply, nor would tenderness - in the days to come, we would thrive on it.
But thinking of you always makes me cry. Now I too live for moments - the moments when you are right here by my side...
(February 6, 2004)