By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 May 24
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declared war

was i just part of a game,a test of any kind?
you play with my emotions and i always end up left behind..
my tears i try to stop but a reason to live i can no longer find..
one day we'll go back in time,back to that moment when we
thought alike in heart and mind..
I'm all worn out,I'm just looking for that guy in whom i used
to confinde..
blue eyes you were mine, right by my side..
i won't let you see me cry,behind a smile this broken heart i will
this innocent girl has now become strong,her love for you no longer
lives,it has died..  
those feelings i will stand up against,coz i'm strong enough to
fight the tide..
all in the name of love as angels light my path and be my guide..
                                                            8/12/2003  Sunday