By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 May 24
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torn inside

Torn inside  

you don't know how difficult it is..
Waking up every morning,not having something to look forward to..
You don't know how painful it is ..
Waking up every morning still feeling numb and empty,
hating that person that's called YOU..
It's not those early hours of the morning that put me down..
It's when time passes and time just flies..
And I start to think of this 'play' that's full of non-sense and lies..
As time passes it's  suppose to heal..
But instead a bit of my breath it tries to steal..
As I grow old ,day after day loneliness is all that I've
ever lived to feel..
I live in a world of illusions ,a world where nothing is what it seems,
a world that's not even there,a world that's not real..

22/5/2003 thursday