By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 May 24
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life changing mistake

angels of death,angels of GOd..
won't you come help me,won't you be my guard..
angels of work,the good and bad..
i have done something wrong and i feel so sad..
i've hurt a friend and cut him deep..
his friendship i lost , the trust no longer i can keep..
angels of pain won't you hear my cry..
i beg i shout,just pass me by!!
angels of heaven, angels of light
i'm begging you to come for me tonight..  
the guilt is killing me ,it's eating me alive..
i've done so many terrible things in my life..
angels of God,for his forgiveness i pray..
i know i've hurt someone i care about today..
2/12/2003 tuesday