By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 May 24
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I'm trapped in a shell I've created..
I'm trapped in a shell I've made..
I'm trapped in a shell,a world of my own,a shell in
Burning hell..

My eyes cry to kill the pain..
My eyes cry to ease the burn..
My eyes cry in this game,my eyes cry with no return..

My body cold..
My heart I hold..
My soul to the devil it's been sold..

I'm fading out...
I yell,I shout..
A nightmare in my head I have no doubt..
Troubles seem to endlessly mount  
A lot has happened I stopped to count..

Shades of white,shades of black
Broken strings,lost of track..
A past that haunts,mistakes that attack..
playing my life's music as i crack...

11/7/2003 friday