By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 May 24
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calling out

out of sight yet u grow more percious and dear..
the distance may rip us apart,even with ur absence
craved in my heart you are skin clear..
my soul burns for your loss,my eyes can't stop the tears..
you left me behind to face the world alone,
i'm filled with doubt and fear..
attached to you i was,so a piece of my soul you take as you disappear..
calling out your name everyday,shouting out loud but it's like you
turned deff,u never seem to hear..
why?when you knew my weakest point was you,without you my load is big,
the pain is severe..
until the end of time,until we meet again,i shall wait for you
i shall always be here.
6-feb-2004 thursday
                                                  night,friday morning