By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jun 06
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My Goodbye

Rain drops fall,drop after drop..
Thunder calls,the sky is all lit up..
Wind blows and carries dead leaves..
Earth shakes,balance lost, I can't stand on my feet
My lonely heart shivers,I no longer feel it beat..
I know it's wrong but it's the way to be done,
So quick,painless,so sweet..

I hold the knife I hold it tight..
One stab in the heart,no struggle,no fight..
I want it sharpened,I want it blunt..
I want you dead,I want you gone..
I walk slowly but yet so fast..
I'm filled with anger but this won't last..
Of all those people,I chose my victim to be you..
You're about to be killed and you haven't got a clue..
I look around,I see no-one,perpare yourself your time has come..

Heavy rain runs dry..
Heavy rain stops..
Heavy rain down the draine
But there's a shed of blood..
I'll feel better later,of that I am sure..
By this blunt knife I shall end it all..
So long life,so long friends..
I took my own soul right to the end...