By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jun 12
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As the sun packs it's bags ready to leave...night takes over as darkness defeats..
crawling and seeking its way through the last ray of sunshine..
The sky that once looked peaceful,calm and quiet..turns into loud thunder stroms and black clouds heavy with stones...
i shut my eyes tight running for cover just to find out that my secret hiding place has been destroyed,
my imagination of nice things has died the moment i
saw the reality of my life...
i slowly open my eyes vision that has become even more blurry than before makes it impossible for me to see now..
my heart starts to speak a language i'll never figure out,my mind sending messages my body refuses to obey,my brain giving signals i totally ignore,my ears listening only to words i want to hear,and my lips uttering words of pain...
a lovely breeze touches my soft skin...
i lift my head up high..amazed to find another day born in the red sky,watching the beautiful sunrise as darkness runs and hides..
in the whole universe spreading it's light..welcoming with open arms a new day,struggle and fight.