By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jun 17
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dreamy eyes i left you broken,
left you cold and out spoken..

dreamy eyes i wish there had been another way,
i just couldn't bear to see you cry,standing still with nothing to say.

a part of you in my heart will always live,
i hide the love but deep down inside i just want to endlessly give..

broken heart i wish i could undo the pain,
just wash it out with showers of rain..

innocent soul it's not ur fault so don't you ever cry,
your heart's filled with love but you say you want to die..

i never meant to hurt you or cause the wounds to open,
i never thought that someone would love me as i am,my emotions frozen..

you might never understand how it angers me that i lost you forever,
it's probably for the best since you'll forgive me never..

i miss you and i think about you alot,
i know you hate me now,you love me not..

i'm sorry with all of my heart,
to let you go was never my plan,i never thought we'd part..

i asked God to mend your broken wings,
so he gave you new ones now your soul rests and sings..

i love you always coz your my angel sent from up above,
i'll never forget you because you showed me the meaning of true love.