By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jun 30
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a wish

clouds of night win again..
her nightmare is yet to begin..
close your eyes little girl have a rest don't fight..
kicking away the sunshine of the day as the moon rules every night..
stars speard in the univerise,she's full of hope tonight..
escaping reality she would hold on to her pillow tight..
innocent eyes will sleep now,forgetting all lies black and white..
staring at those stars she'd wish she was there with them in the sky..
she wouldn't feel left out,she wouldn't cry..
happily isolated on her own,watching the world in the dark up high..
selfish she wouldn't dare be,she'd give a bit of her light,lost you'd never feel,she'd give you her wings to fly..
little girl a ray of sunshine is coming through...
little girl wake up it's time the truth you knew..
dreams may give you shelter now but tomorrow the world awaits you..
reality you must face again,you know every word is true..
and when morning invades and sunshine is here..
you know that those stars will slowly disappear..
leaving behind a vision ever so clear..
a strong girl you are,so don't you ever fear..
because God protects all of his angels,he's always near.