By wordley
Date: 2004 Jul 01
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Lover's Lea

'tween pale moon glow and the morning star lies the land of lover's Lea,
And only those who are truly in love may go there, you and me,
To the land where the tree of kisses drops its fruit on up-turned lips,
And across the softest velvet sky, hearts drift by on star light ships
Oh to walk the hills of happiness into the valley of emotion,
Down to the stream of purest truth that flows to lover's ocean
Come, lay with me on the shore of dreams and we'll enjoy whatever we see,
And we'll touch and taste, and never will waste the fruit of the sensual tree
And we'll chase the passion beast all the night long, 'til it lays tame at our feet,
To be saddled with raw unbridled desire, we enjoy its effort to unseat
And throw us into the heaving mire of complete and utter fulfilment
Until we are spent, completely content, not caring where the thrill went
I hope that you'll be at my side when the sun drops behind the sea,
And we'll fly on the wings of sweetest amore, to the land of lover's Lea