By wordley
Date: 2004 Jul 02
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In Love

To fall in be in love,
When the night falls and we are together in love...
Your fingers explore like travellers remembering forgotten lands,
Tongue tasting love's fermented fruit so intoxicating,
And from twin mounts so taut to the valley of musk, so there go my hands,
And my eyes feast on thy sweet world, and the pleasures there waitng;
As dreamers dream of their happiness so do we, and in that dreaming see,
All the joy that two can share is laid before us, and depending,
If you and I would join and merge,and as one forever be,
Into love we would slowly subside, into each other slowly decending,....
If I fall short of your expectation, please judge me not,
For I would gladly rise again, and in that rising strive so much more.....
And in the heat of passion, in those furnacical fires so hot
You would find me a far more pleasing dish, and on amore's wings we would soar.....
To be where love is....for there I may find you...
And in that finding find my love..