By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 09
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chang my life clock

Suddenly it feels like the end of the rope,it'll snap any minute now ,I'll fall down and hit the rocks...

No matter how high I'd climb I'll always find my way back down,pain flowing through my body like an electrical shot..

The memory of that event still vivid,still rolling in my mind,keeping me living in a state of constant shock..

I wish I could shut down this part of my brain,I wish I could close the reality door with a lock..

Surrounded by fire,as I burn to ashes,all I see is a dead end,empty roads and a huge block..

Give me a reason to go on,tell me i'm worthy of living,lie to me before i end it all and change my life clock..

Then it becomes silent,not a single breath to be heard
but the sound that once was there, but the echo of
tick tock..