By wordley
Date: 2004 Jul 10
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To A Friend

I found my self, today, looking wistfully at a flower
that grows beside the wall near where I sat,
And in my repose, as the sun crossed the sky
toward that golden globe, its face was pointed at.
I noted how it strained to reach each drop of heavenly warmth
Each sunbeam that danced upon the air,
And in an instant I realised why I miss my dearest friend,
all those slivers of time that we did share;
Your face is likened to the sun, that warms my wintery days
Your smile, the gleaming sunbeam's dance and twirl
And if, by some chance, you are reading this today
Then know that through my thoughts you turn and swirl;
Each day is cold, there is no sun up in my sky
Clouds of gloom descend and fog abounds,
I search around for warmth, but none is to be found
And far into my night the howl of hounds,
The dogs of sadness are snapping at my heels,
I need to see a clearer patch of sky,
Oh to feel the heat of friendship hot upon my face,
If I do not feel this soon I'll surely die!
I'm speaking metaphorically, I know you understand
To feel the joy of your return is all I seek,
For when I see the rays of your simple, wondrous smile
Then my future wil not be quite so bleak