By wordley
Date: 2004 Jul 18
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In Passing.....

In time you may forget that you and I did love so free,
So gracious was the heart that claimed my soul,
In time you may forget the words you spoke 'neath that tree
In my little car, as the tape machine did roll;
"Move closer" sang phyllis, the words floating through our minds,
"until it feels like we're really making love"
We moved closer until our hearts together binds
But our bodies stayed within our clothely glove,
Not for us the base exchange of fluids, of slimy sweat
Just a spiritual conjoining of spirits free,
Cocooned within that metalic cube, the weather outside so wet
We immersed ourselves until the hour of three;
We merged on so many levels, really hard to tell,
Where you would end and I would then begin,
But by keeping each other at a physical 'arm's length'
Our love was kept away from the world of sin;
These memories warm my heart, these years since we last met
And the times i've driven past our tree so tall,
In passing, I feel not one moment of regret
In passing, we let the castle fall;
We gave each other a piece of each, a little corner forever free
And when you give, love fills the space it leaves
And if you give your all then you're totally filled with love
And into you, new life it spiritually breathes;

        To Lesley...(with help from Phyllis Nelson)