By farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 23
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death becomes you

the sun crashes down towards earth,
earsing our existance since birth..
the world lost it's balance and has gone mad,
leaving behind the planet of safety that we had..
dressed in black they come and say,
stop crying,He won't hear you pray..
come with me to your deadly grave,
hold my hand and just be brave..
i'll put you out of ur misery,
u're the only soul i want to save..
you no longer need to hide,
u won't be alone..with other corps by ur side..
in ur coffen u'll be wrapped in tight,
wrapped just like the others in white..
they warned you before that this day will come,
but you never listened,you were out for fun..
the sky falls down and the stars lose thier light,
surrender now because it is over tonight.

19/2/2004 thursday