By wordley
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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On days like these, when time's passage is a slow trickle of seconds,
each one delayed and ponderous,
The air, stale and thick like some suffocating pall,
I find myself at odds with mankind, find him onerous
His over-bearing stench, like a bonfire in the fall;
And yet, on other days I see him human and compassionate,
caring and kind, loving and good, his intrinsic self on show
Could it be coincidence that, on days when these qualities resonate,
I find myself in company with the sweetest heart that I know?;
You, my darling, who causes mankind's eye to downcast in shame,
You, whose beauty and goodness shine like a beacon in the dark,
What need do I have for other's forgiveness, their distain,
When you hold me close, the world and its troubles now aim wide of the mark
I would not exchange my situation for gold, or anything else men may seek
I may be low in their estimation, their encompassing favour
But in your eyes I am a king, my kingdom, your heart and of love we speak
In our world love is the currency, the produce fresh with sweetest flavour
No, on days like these I would not change my station with kings,
For they do not have you, my love.....I do...