By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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As rain drops fall down and stars twinkle in the sky,
the moon so bright and high,
I think about my life and I suddenly have this urge to run away from it all...
What am I so afraid of?What could be so bad that I haven't got the courage to face?
I sit in a drak corner just wishing they'd let me be,
can't stand having all these eyes staring at me..
Can they see right through me?
Do theY know what i feel?
What I see?
What I think?
As my heart shouts out loud seeking for help,all I could
hear is my own echo killing my inner spirit and burning the depth of my soul from the inside..making me turn into ashes that will soon turn into nothing..just as if I was never born,leaving me in this cruel world to die on my own..
Leaving me here to bleed as if shot,laying my hand on my heart to find it all covered with blood...a hole that grows bigger with time,a pain that goes on like a spinning whell..
it never stops..
My eyes like the ocean when mad,tears rolling down my cheeks like angry waves...reaching a point where I lose control,a smile that hides my misery and sorrow...
How I wish I'd wake up feeling different by tommorow..
My love and passion for life blown out like a candle on a cold night,letting go of everything just like falling leaves on a windy day,surrendering and giving in...
I can't fight destiny,it's vain...I'll never win.