By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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Never have I felt this way before..
My heart beats so loud I can hear it,skipping as though i'm walking miles and miles away..
Don't wake me up if i'm dreaming ,for I have never been so happy in my life time..
My smile so wide..i try to hide,
When I'm with you,I'm living on the edge on the other side,
and the world just looks colorful,cheerful and bright,
as though the sun shines my whole world with it's light!
Walking around not having a clue what is I'm supposed to do,
feeling like a child who lost his way,my heart invades the system..sealing my lips,leaving me with nothing to say!
Your face so hard to discribe,for every little detail  counts,your eyes,your lips ,your tender heart,how can a person not love you for who you are?!
How can a person miss someone as pure? they must be blind...of that i've never felt more sure..for your beauty is a challenge,an endure,for my sadness it is a cure!

                                       wednesday 26-3-2003