By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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without you

I'm sitting mind wants to explode..
My heart in pieces on the floor next to me,
My brain blocked,no information sent or recieved..
Shocked not wanting to believe..
How was i so naive..trusting you while all you did was decieve..
How could you hurt me this much?
How could you just cut me so deep?
How could you just sit back and watch me bleed?
You might not realize this yet,but it's you I honestly need!
No matter how far away I run,my heart to you it will
always lead!
I'm scared,I'm frightened..I look around and wonder:"do I fit in?do I belong?"
I tremble,I shiver,I shake..but not when you're near by..
coz when you're close to me,i get out of my shell,i'm not's like I'm this bird spreading it's wings for the first time ready to fly...
fly across the oceans,seas and the beautiful blue sky..
You lift me make me feel high..
although you sometimes act mean and make me cry..
I know nothing lasts forever so just hug me tight until it's time to say goodbye.
                                 wednesday 2-4-2003