By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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You complete Me

I think you complete me,
I think I complete you,
I believe that with you by my side I'm whole,perfect and faultless..
I know you can read my mind,
just like I can read yours,
the flames are still there,
just like endless wars...
Although we're different,
but yet so much alike..
you're mine forever,the others can take a hike..
So far away,as the blue sky tonight,
to get to where you are I'd need a flight,
but who cares for the distance,you're worth the fight..
I swear I'd never let go,I'd hold you so tight..
enjoying your beauty,never letting you out of my sight..
you're my bright sunshine that emits the light,
You keep me safe and sound all night..
You're my soul mate,my partner and friend
every minute I have with you is preciously spent..
your name is craved in my heart until the end,
I loved you always and i can no longer pretend.
                                    thursday night,6-3-2003