By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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light at the end of the tunnel.

Every once in a while I have this feeling...I can't bear my life,I can't bear what I'm carrying inside any longer..
People don't see me..they don't feel my pain,my endless suffering and misery..
I try my best to please everybody but nobody considers doing the same thing for me...
Why do I even care?
Why do I even bother?
Why do I give a damn?
I tried moving on with what I've got but the thoughts going round in my mind stop me everytime..
that inner voice keeps on calling me and dragging me back in..
It's like i'm not supposed to go anywhere or do's like i'm stuck in this time machine where events never's like want to break free but it's not as easy as it looks or's like this curse that can't be I destined to stay this way..while you laugh and have fun?live my life this way every second,minute and hour till the day i die?
I refuse,I fight,I'm not going to cry...not tonight..
Where's my guardian angel..why isn't he here leading me to what's right?holding my hand at the end of the tunnel where I can see the light?!

                              Saturday 29-3-2003