By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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You = complications

Life is complicated as it is without you trying to make it harder on me,
I thaught myself not to get too attached to you,because I knew the day would come when you simply leave without bothering yourself and say goodbye..
If only I knew the reasons that pushed you away from me..
If only I could let you feel that pain I feel..
The sorrow that flows in every inch of my heart..
Forever you said and nothing shall rip us apart..
Silly me believing you and falling for this commen line,
"I love you" and like heaven on earth we were doing fine..
What made you change this way?
Why am I always the one who has to pay?
The day will come for you to realize for that I pray..
The time will come when you're all alone at the end of the day..
Tomorrow you'll crawl back and my feeling's would have changed,for that what have you to say?