By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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Sweet Misery

Misery..oh sweet misery..what have you done to me?
no matter how good I am at're always better at finding me have become part of my have become my new best friend..
Just when I think nothing could possibly put me down.there you are again,waiting to take me on a second round..
Pushing me to the edge,to self destruct,leading me to my enemy,trying to escape but all the doors are locked..
walking alone on a chilly dark night...the clocks are ticking I need you to hold me I am,I'm waiting..
I've gotten so used to you by my side..
knowing there's no chance to run and hide..
just as the sea embraces back it's tide..
I've become so addicted to're like sugar,you're so sweet,one sip of you,and you knock me off my feet..
You run in my blood through my vein,you're a drug,a posion,to me you represent pain..
I feel like a sixty year old woman,my youth wasted,my energy faded,my ability to move has been taken away from me..thrown out of this cold game called soul being stabbed with a blunt knife...all my all,gone for nothing..oh!and those days of great sacrifice..forgotten and thrown away just like a piece of dice..someday I'll defeat this..I will rise..but until then show me love,give me advice..tell me the truth coz I'm sick of lies!.

                                Sunday 6-4-2003