By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 24
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The one.

Your smile..what does it look like?
Your laugh,your giggle what do they sound like?
I could sit here and wonder,just spend ages trying to picture what your teeth look like..a row of pearls?so white,so pure,little white teeth,as white as snow arranged and fitted in so perfectly in that small jaw of yours..
Mysterious eyes,so small,so pretty,so innocent,loaded with stories to tell,so passionate,so warm,just like the warmth of fire on a stormy night,two small bright eyes..i could swear in them i've seen paradise,just like a baby that knows no lies..
Your if designed,picture perfect,I wouldn't change it,a master piece,no-one's to touch it..
Your tiny,but yet such good listeners,i can't count the times you just sat there and listened to what i had to say,they never failed to hear me out...
I could spent my life time describing you but i'll be injust in my words,i'm afraid I wouldn't be fair,fearing i'd choose the wrong things to say..a few words that say it all :"an angel" so peaceful,so quiet,so adorable,so true,my angel,my one and only you.
                                        Thursday 17-4-2003