By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Jul 26
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Invisible me

My friend I love you but sometimes I wish I never met you..
Before you came along,I was strong I held on..
I was happy in my own way,loneliness was never a problem..I wasn't trapped in this maze,in this puzzle..
I was free,I was this person who loved solidarity..
I'd sit in my room for hours,creating a world of my own..
I didn't give a damn,I cared less about everything around me,even about myself,to me I was dead,a soul waiting for the day to come..
Until one day you came a long..
My life made sense brought me back to life,I became one the living,my heart beating,my pulse raising,my emotions flowing,my view of this world became different..all because of you..
Why don't you open your eyes wider?just take a good look at me..
You awakened me from my long taught me so much  that I'm hurting too deep..
Won't you please open your eyes and see! what your love has done to me! Your tenderness improsined the heart that once was free...
How can I ever overcome this feeling?to me you became the air that I'm breathing..
You never saw that depressed person inside of me,you thought I was this person,with no worries,a cheerful girl..when the truth is that I'm only happy when your around..
Open your eyes and see,open you eyes and gaze into mine,open your eyes and see the only person that needs you,look straight at me,just give me a reason to go on.

Thursday 17-4-2003