By Jane Rain
Date: 2004 Jul 28
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My word.
Sprawled across my inner ankle,
Expressing my inner most soul.
Made imperfect, like me.
The "A" too wide at the base.
The vertical legs of the "H" too short.
Yet eccentrically perfect, unlike me
but like you.
I revealed this to you while wrapped in your arms,
keeping me close & warm,
causing me to feel safe & wanted.
I showed you and felt your gentle hold on me tighten,
as if to shield me from myself,
from how I truly ruminate and what I veritably I repute.
I rested my swimming head on your shoulder
as I began to cry,
wiping away my tears while listening to the waves crash against the rocky shore below us.
You didn't know.
I allowed my head to slip a little lower
till I heard your heartbeat,
meanwhile concentrating on my breathing
"so that my chest will rise and fall with yours."
By then I had forgotten all about my woes and hurt,
about my word.