By Jane Rain
Date: 2004 Jul 28
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Lingering pain of slash marks on my ankles.
This is how I remember thee.
Broken skin for a broken girl.
The hurt is excruciatingly painful yet mentally pleasing.
That isn't the only thing I remember you by. Not nearly.
I feel your strangely familiar presence
constantly surrounding me,
engulfing me in thoughts of undiluted bliss.
I repeatedly recall how it felt to be wrapped up in you,
the feel of you stroking my hair, arms, hands,
your arm around my waist.
All the while sporadically kissing my forehead and cheek.
I can't help but smile to myself as all is recalled.
The sun had set yet we continued to sit,
gazing at the multi-coloured skyline.
I glanced up while you were looking elsewhere
and saw the afterglow in your eyes.
Far more stunning seeing it that way.
It's only been one day
but it feels not unlike that of an eternity.
Nevertheless I still feel your caresses and kisses,
so soft and warm.