By wordley
Date: 2004 Jul 31
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The tapestry of time the years so freely weave
The waft, a gentle breath of silken fibre,
Each vibrant colour speaks of each year as we leave
Each pattern woven there, a past decider,
The years we were together are a glowing, golden thread
Tightly bound together by the weft,
The years apart, the pattern lost,the loops that hang like lead,
Darkly contrast the cords bereft
My life is here, a woven majesty of life,
Upon which you have made your weaver's mark
And through the knots and tangles, the good times and the strife
You were there when the times weren't quite so dark,
So return to your loom and once again begin to weave
Make the bobbin of life dance and twirl,
Make the vibrant colours ring, and friends again believe
In the friendship between a boy and girl